VBPS brings a new and innovative approach to the delivery of sporting qualifications and our ethos is to provide a level of excellence in providing theory and practical knowledge in sports education. The training imparted fundamentally gives an insight into elementary skills to the participants. Students are given training in various disciplines like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton etc.

VBPS courses are ideal for anyone who has a desire to succeed in the field of Sports whether you are just starting your career, retraining or adding additional qualifications to continue your personal development. Our team of trained coaches who are strict yet friendly helps in the attainment of personal and team goals.

At VBPS we firmly believe that it is the correct balance of academics and sports that compliments the underlying meaning of education.

Basketball, Football and Lawn Tennis
At VBPS we give a lot of importance to develop and work on the talent of our students in the field of sports. Therefore to provide each student with an option of choosing a sport of their liking and giving them an idealist space to practice and play we have in our flamboyant campus well designed Tennis Court (2 nos.) : 120x60 & 60x30 ft, Basketball Court: 120x55 ft and Football Field : 325x165 ft.

We believe in creating state, and national level champions through our campus.

Other drills
To let our students have a taste of adventure and thrill and at the same time getting them ready to learn to take on challenges and be strong we have in our campus a Rock climbing wall which stands tall at 40 ft.

We take efforts to instill in our students the attributes of leadership, team work, and equipping them with mental and physical strength through the rock climbing exercise.

The wall is designed keeping in mind the intricacies of rock climbing. Proper harnessing tools are available to ensure the safety of our children which is the prime concern for us.